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Customer Testimonials


“The customer service agent is the sweetest lady I ever talked to and very helpful in every aspect of motorcycle insurance.”

Andre C.

“I am insured with Insurance Offices Texas for about 3 years now, they created a catered package that fits all my needs!
Friendly service, great folks too!”

K. Haines

“Very supportive team and highly customer oriented. We’ve been really helped by the staff of Insurance Offices Texas. Even after our move out of the country and we were no longer a customer, they continued providing information and assistance on a claim.
Which is highly appreciated as an ex-customer.
Can highly recommend to others!”

Johan De Nijs

“Very professional and fast service.
Terrific agency which I would highly recommend.”

John Thompson

“We have been with Cynthia and IOTX for over 20 years. The service is outstanding. Every time I have needed to file a claim or just review my policies Cynthia has been there all the way. They treat us more like friends than just customers and she meets our every need. When we had an accident in CO over Thanksgiving 2015, Cynthia was concerned more about my wife and mine welfare and how to help us than car and cost. The other driver was at fault and had Fred Loya Insurance and after a horrendous time dealing with Fred Loya, we subrogated through our insurance and Cynthia made the process as painless as possible.

There are cut rate insurance agencies such as Fred Loya that may appear cheaper, but after dealing with those cut rate agencies you really can appreciate the professionalism and value of an agent the quality of Cynthia and the services she provides.

When I call Cynthia, I don’t even have to tell her my name and she recognizes my voice. Like I said, a friend, and a good one!”

Lee Hileman

“Lower rates than I was paying with my previous company and great customer service.”

Tony H